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This is a new and experimental feature of our website.  We will be publishing enquiries on a regular basis and hope that readers will be able to assist.  We are kicking off with this enquiry from Bob, please use the comments box at the foot of this page if you have information for him.


I am quite anxious to find a photo of Bryntirion Farm, I think once occupied by a Roberts Family.

It was also known, later I believe, as Finnegan’s Gardens, between Highfield Park and the Railway.

This was within an area now  bounded by Highfield Park, St. Georges Cres (part), and Parc Esmor (Part) also including Clos Gladstone, Cae Uchaf, areas., to the best of my knowledge.

If anyone has, or can guide me to, a photo/drawing of the property and/or any information and knows who actually occupied Bryntirion Farm/Finnegan’s Gardens and roughly when,  I would be most appreciative.

Thank you.

Happy New Year to you and All Your Readers.




22 responses to “Readers’ Enquiries

  1. Beverley Westlund

    Would like to find out more information about highfield park in rhyl please as im very interested in historic buildings and thier surroundings. Thank you B&D.

  2. David J Marlow

    My Grandfather and his first wife, George Henry Homer Marlow & Mary Olive Marlow (nee Tompkin), lived in Rhyl from around 1911, first at 7 Butterton Road, and then 8 South Avenue, with their three daughters Gladys, Hilda and Bessie. Mary Olive died on 3rd January 1919 with the death certificate indicating she died at Voryd Hall. Can anyone tell us anything about Voryd Hall at that time and why she may have died there? All our enquiries to trace where she was buried have drawn a blank so any suggestions on that would also help. Thank you for any help anyone can give. David & Sheila Marlow

  3. Brendan Heaney

    Anyone know a Michael Higgins , aged 60 / 70 ( chef / cook by trade ) moved to Rhyl from Bristol 1972 -73 . Would appreciate any help in locating him.

  4. Robert Scott

    Some information on Bryntirion Farm has come to light.
    In 1915 Arthur E. Roberts of Wm.Roberts Ltd. (High Street Garden Shop and Coal Merchants) went to the Farm with his new Bride Gwendolyn Jones, a farmers daughter from Ruabon. 1926 Arthur and Gwen with their 3 daughters, Margaret, Joyce and Dilys moved to Plas Clough on Pendyffryn Road. Bryntirion Farm then became Bryntirion Gardens home to the Finnigan family with sons Chris and Jim.
    Does this information ‘jog’ any memories of the single story property on 3 sides around a ‘farm yard’ between Highfield Park and the Railway. The house had a large open garden in front bounded by a stone wall and had open fields to the rear across to Tynewydd Road railway bridge.
    If anybody can find a photo of the house or even sketch how it looked, do please reply. Thanks

    • Glenda Eckley

      Glenda Ambrose
      Our family lived in Lynton Walk (the far end, near the railway) in the late 1940s/early 50s. The odd-numbered houses, which were on the side of Lynton Walk nearest the town centre, didn’t go up to the end of the road. The last house, across the road from ours, was adjacent to a field, which was bounded by a short stretch of Lynton Walk on one side and the railway line on another (I don’t know about the other boundaries). I was only 3 years old when we left Rhyl, so my memory is hazy, but I’m pretty sure the adults in our family referred to this field as ‘Finnegan’s field’. There was a pony there for at least some of the time. I have an even hazier recollection of walking along the edge of the field as a short-cut to town.

      • Robert Scott

        Thank you Glenda for your comment.
        Indeed it is ‘Finnegans Field’ area that I am researching.
        Prior to the Finnegans it was Arthur Roberts and Family who lived in the cottage on this site and it is the building in particular I am trying to find a photo, drawing or sketch. Should you have any picture, even if the cottage or part of it is in the background, I would be delighted to see oit, please.
        Many thanks, Robert.

  5. We are researching the Quellyn Roberts family who are distant relatives. Quellyn Roberts & Co owned seven, possibly eight, hotels in north Wales towards the end of the 19th century / early 20th century, including the Westminster Hotel and Belvoir Hotel in Rhyl. We are interested in gathering any additional information available.

  6. Edward Roberts

    Would any member have a photograph of the smithy known as Berthengron, Towyn, near Rhyl? Edward Roberts

  7. Nigel Day

    My great great grandfather was Ellis Powell-Jones, a chemist and druggist at 52 High Street, Rhyl in 1851. He was, at one stage, Chairman of the Rhyl improvement Commissioners and after his death on 29 Dec 1880 given a warm tribute by his fellow Improvement Commissioners in the North Wales Chronicle on Saturday 8 January 1881. Any further information or photographs of him, his family or his shop would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Nigel Day

  8. Jan

    An interesting article in the Bulletin on the history of Rhyl Botanical Gardens.
    John Williams was Head Gardener there until his retirement in 1953.
    He can be seen in his trilby hat in the postcard of the rose garden in 1936.

  9. Elizabeth A Kaufmann

    I am trying to find out some information on the Unity Cafe that was located in The Square, Kinmel Bay. My grt grandparents Charlie and Florence Ball ran this place in the late 1940’s/early 1950’s. They relocated there from Wolverhampton sometime after WW2, Any photos or some history and where exactly it was would be great. Thank you.

  10. Berenice Baynham

    Any information on Henry Malings, a reservist in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, who served in the Boer War, gratefully received. He was the son of Colour-Sergeant Samuel Frederick Malings, of Rhyl, who died 15th January 1909. Henry’s wife had two children, one of whom, Samuel Redvers Malings, died at Southport in 1904; Mrs. Malings had moved to Southport, from Rhyl, some time between early 1900 and early 1902. Was Henry buried in the Old Cemetery, Rhyl, as his father was?

  11. Berenice Baynham

    Additional to the Malings enquiry – The wife of Henry Malings was Mary, daughter of a Mr Abel Davies, Chapel Street, Denbigh.

  12. Glenda Eckley

    Hello Robert,
    I have a couple of small photographs of the pony in the Finnegan’s Field but nothing exciting. There are some houses in the distance, which could be the backs of the houses in Elm Grove. There is a part of a large house, as well as the above, in one of the photographs. I’ll happily send you copies if you like but doubt whether they are what you are looking for.

    • Robert Scott

      Hi Glenda,
      Really grateful for taking the trouble to reply.
      I note your comments on the Pony photos you have and tend to agree that the buildings, possibly in Elm Grove, would not be what I am searching for.
      Similarly, the ‘large house’ you mention is unlikely to be the one as Bryntirion Farmhouse, at Finnegans Nurseries, was a single storey ‘cottage’
      Thank you indeed for your post, much appreciated.

  13. Roger Hardwick

    Hello to Anyone.
    Do you have any movie or still pictures of the Rhyl Pleasure Boats which worked the Rhyl the beach. The last pleasure boat was the May Queen and is now in Falmouth. The Fal River Festival is about to celebrate the May Queen’s eightieth birthday and it would be excellent to display picture of her at home.
    Roger Hardwick

  14. Robert Scott

    Hi Roger,
    I indeed remember The May Queen taking passengers from the special wheeled steps on the beach almost opposite the top of Edward Henry Street.
    Pat Longfield, the last skipper’s book on the Amazon site, used to live on Pendyffryn Road.

  15. Stephen Flinders

    My name is Stephen Flinders. I am a local historian living at Sandiacre in Derbyshire. In or around 1930 a young dancer from our area, known as Dot Shirley, moved, along with her mother and father to Rhyl where Dot performed in a number of shows at the Pavillion Theatre. I believe her performances were so popular that postcards featuring Dot Shirley were sold in large numbers around the area. Dot’s real name was Dorothy Frettingham. Her father Clarence Frettingham went into business in Rhyl. An address given in one of our local newspapers refers to 3 Plastirion Terrace, East Parade.

    I would therefore be grateful if anyone associated with Rhyl or it’s local history group could assist in obtaining any material i.e. newspaper articles, theatre memorabilia, photographs etc which would help me in my research relating to Miss Dot Shirley.

    Yours in anticipation

    Stephen Flinders

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