Queen’s Court/Sussex Lane

Club member Maggi Blythin has contributed this interesting piece:

We have received copies of old photos from Jean Hughes and I have done a bit of background research on them.

It would appear that the entrance to Queens Court is still there, but obviously the houses are long gone.
In 1911 the Silvey family were listed at Sussex Cottage. I presume that Queens Court was in the same area. There are several houses listed, most of them with several occupants.
They are at the same address in 1901 and there appear to be several properties nearby in Sussex Lane.
I think that it ran from Glanglasfor through to Queen Street, but could be mistaken!

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  1. Kathleen Hampson

    Thank you for posting the information on Queens Court / Sussex Lane. According to the 1901 and 1911 Census my ancestors (Parry) resided at Queens Court. With a family of nine living in 4 rooms, life must have been difficult but I hope they were happy. It was nice to read the comment that Queens Court was a “very tight knit little community”.

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