Rhyl Urban District Council

Rhyl Urban District Council came into being in 1894/5 and lasted for eighty years until 1974.  A Commemorative Dinner was held at the Westminster Hotel on Saturday, March 30th, 1974, to mark its dissolution.  The menu at the dinner consisted of chilled melon boats, cream of chicken soup, goujons of plaice, contrefilet of Scotch Beef Beaujolais and peach melba – the wines served were Sauternes and Burgundy.

Included in the programme was a selection of landmarks in Rhyl’s Civic History:

also a list of its “Chairmen” from 1895-1974











click on images to enlarge

Prior to the formation of RUDC in 1894, the town was cared for by the commissioners.  In her book “The Commissioners of Rhyl – the men who built the town”, Marjorie Howe says “The result of a ‘Local Government Act of 1852’ was the formation of a Board of Commissioners which should be responsible for the maintenance and improvement of Rhyl, and the well-being of its citizens”.  Also,   “In November 1894, the Improvement Commissioner’s Board held its last meeting, and when the local authority met for their monthly meeting in December, it was under the new name of ‘Rhyl Urban District Council’.

1974 saw the formation of Rhyl Town Council – click here for their website

There is a huge scarcity of women in the lists and photograph in the programme – thankfully women have come a long way in the last 40-50 years.


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