E.B. Jones

Rhyl History Club member Maggi Blythin has shared photographs and information about E.B. Jones’s with us – do you remember any of the shops?

E B Jones were a chain of grocery shops in North Wales.They had branches in many towns and the Head Office was in Water Street in Rhyl. This is taken from a letterhead from 1921.


These are some of the oldest photos showing the shops in Rhyl, Ruthin and Colwyn Bay.

























This shows the RhylHigh Street branch, above which was  the Arundale Café  which was also owned by EBs:


These are some of the staff who worked in the Head Office in the late 40s and early 50s.



When the bigger supermarkets started to take over E B Jones started to close their shops and finally the Head Office in the 60s.
One shop in Deiniolen retained it s name and is now a coffee shop







Thank you Maggi.



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3 responses to “E.B. Jones

  1. ola66

    I certainly remember the EB Jones in Queen St. ……….it was where the Army and Navy Stores are located. Lovely shop……..great food smells……..a huge bacon slicing machine ( well it seemed that way when you were little!) where you could order bacon the thickness that you wanted. ……and they had a piped suction system which took your money to some magical place upstairs where they would send back your change.

  2. Glenda Eckley

    Does anyone know the names of the people in the Head Office staff photograph? My grandfather, Thomas John Roberts worked there in the forties as did my mother Myfanwy. Many thanks.

  3. Glenda Eckley

    Re Head Office staff: By now, other members of the family have viewed the photograph. We’re pretty sure that Thomas John Roberts, a director of the company, is third from the left in the second row as you look at the photograph and his daughter, Myfanwy, is standing immediately behind him. ‘Tom’ died in 1946, so the photograph is a little earlier than suggested in the caption.

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