Rhyl bans “The Exorcist”

Who went to see “The Exorcist” in the 1970’s?  Possibly not in Rhyl ?  This interesting poster is currently for sale at Drew Pritchard‘s shop in Conwy. The controversial film, which is an adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s 1971 novel,  was submitted to the British Board of Film Classification in 1974.  It tells the story of a young girl possessed by a demon.  Rumour had it that it caused some people to leave the cinema, faint and even vomit.  This is from the BBFC’s website:

“in spite of its more sensationalist moments, the BBFC considered that The Exorcist was suitable for an X certificate to be issued without cuts. As the BBFC’s Secretary, Stephen Murphy, said at the time, ‘It is a powerful horror movie. Some people may dislike it, but that is not a sufficient reason for refusing certification’.”


“the film was a huge popular success at the box office and the public as a whole did not seem overly concerned. Despite this, a handful of local authorities bowed to the demands of pressure groups and banned the film in their areas, which only added to the reputation of the film.”

We think that the film was eventually shown in Rhyl – can our readers confirm this?




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2 responses to “Rhyl bans “The Exorcist”

  1. Diane Earl

    I went to see it in Rhyl with my husband and had to leave because I was pregnant and it made me feel sick!!

  2. Alice Harrison

    Also in the 70s, I seem to remember that Rhyl cinemas were not allowed to show “Last Tango in Paris”.

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