The Cynefin Project

Have you ever wondered about the land on which your house stands?  Who used to own it? What was the land used for?  Did the field have a name?  To what farm did it belong?  Thanks to the Cynefin project all this can now be explored from the comfort of your own home.  The project, which is now complete, has repaired and digitised around 1,200 tithe maps and they now form a wonderful online resource for the all those interested in local history and family history.  (To learn more about tithe maps click here.)


Click on Places of Wales (part of the National Library of Wales website) to start your search.  I typed “Rhuddlan” into “Find a place” then moved the map to the area I was interested in.  The numbers indicate where there is more than one result and by zooming in these separate out. I looked at the area on which Morrison’s now stands on Marsh Road in Rhyl, and discovered that the field on which it stands was called Cae Morfa and it belonged to a farm called Penyddan Glawdd.  Peter Parry farmed the arable land there, which was owned by The Right Honourable Lord Dinorbin – I was also able to view the map and apportionment.

In another example I looked at land adjacent to the Community Fire Station on the Coast Road, where Rhyl History Club meets once a month.  The field name was Ffridd Fawr, part of Ty Newydd Farm, which was occupied by Hugh Hughes.  The land was used for pasture.  The landowner was Mrs Penelope Warren.

There is an excellent help page on the website.  Maps can be viewed as “modern”, “satellite”, “historic NLS  (1888-1913)” and “tithe map overlay”.  Have a go –  find out about the history of the land where you live.  This is a fantastic, free, new resource that will have you spellbound!





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5 responses to “The Cynefin Project

  1. Ann

    Thank you so much for the ‘heads up’! I can see another web page I’ll be spending inordinate amounts of time exploring! I’m already spending much too much of my spare time on the ‘Welsh Newspapers on Line’ pages – Help! I need to start living in the 21st century!! ;o)

  2. ola66

    Wonderful!…………thank you RHC, you continue to make local history alive and interesting………please don’t stop.

    Peter Finnigan

  3. Kathleen Newton

    I have childhood memories of Rhyl. My relation the Tierney family used to own a gift shop on the high St also some fish stalls on the fairground

  4. What a fantastic piece of work! This map shows me the individual parcels of land my Great Great Great Grandfather farmed over 270 years ago, together with the unique names he called those houses, woods and fields. Thank you to “The Cynefin Project” and thank you to Rhyl History Group for telling me about it.

  5. Thanks for the positive feedback!

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