Roy Turner 1927-2017

A few years ago the Rhyl History Club invited Roy Turner to reflect on Rhyl – the town and family resort.  It was an excellent choice for the audience was enthralled with his story – so much as an insider – having served as chairman on so many committees eg. Rhyl Urban Council – specialising on developing  Rhyl as a resort,  Rhyl Operatic Society and he became the U.K’s longest serving governor serving Christ Church School for 60 years, over 50 as chairman.  In recognition of this he was invited to 10, Downing Street, to meet the Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

He died whilst on holiday in Spain in March 2017 and on August 5th, on what would have been his 90th birthday, there was a celebration of his life fittingly in the Town Hall, Rhyl.  It was full to capacity when family and his numerous friends remembered with great affection, Roy Turner, “Mr Rhyl”, the first Freeman of the town.

Many thanks to our programme secretary and former chairman Mr Rufus Adams for writing this tribute.

To read the obituary in the Rhyl Journal click here



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3 responses to “Roy Turner 1927-2017

  1. Carole little

    Great story. Pleased he was given a good reception with RHYl Townsfolk and his relatives.

  2. Linda Redfern

    A lovely man. I remember him when he was a Rhyl Councillor and I served tea, to the guests, as the junior staff did, he was always very appreciative.

  3. June Turner

    I have just read this whilst trying to find the Rhyl population in 1939.
    I thank the History club for including my husband in their Web site news.
    He would have been very pleased and honoured.
    The information I am seeking is for an ex Rhyllite who is giving a lecture on Rhyl during the 1939/45 war, in Edmonton, Canada.

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