Remembrance through Music.

This year we have a departure from our usual research/photographs/memories concerning Rhyl and the way that the wars affected the town and its people.  We are sharing links that commemorate the casualties of war through music, more especially music from Rhyl Folk Club.  The history of Rhyl Folk club has been explored on these pages before, to read this click here .  

In the clip below Rhyl musician, and Rhyl Folk Club member, Brian Bull sings one of the most poignant songs written about the First World War:  “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda”.  It was written in 1971 by Scottish born Australian singer-songwriter Eric Bogle and describes war as futile and gruesome, while criticising those who seek to glorify it.


The next song was written and is sung by well known local musician and Rhyl Folk Club member,  Alun Rhys Jones.  Alun says “I wrote this song in utter awe and respect for those countless young men who marched off to war, often giving their lives for the benefit of us all. Complete and utter madness…! But at the time, who felt they had a choice…? I wrote the song in 1987 inspired by work of writers such as Eric Bogle and Dominic Williams. Fortunately “Lest We Forget” won the Hindley (Lancs) Folk-Club Song-Writing Competition that same year and was broadcast by BBC Radio Manchester. I’m very proud of this song and it can still move me to tears when I sing it now…. I feel it’s even more moving when sung unaccompanied, in the folk tradition, which is how I present the song from time to time”.

In the next clip Alun sings a Dominic Williams song “Tommy’s Lot”:

For more information about Rhyl Folk Club click here.


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