Honeymoon in Rhyl

donna-and-allenCanadians Donna and Allen (pictured left) visited Rhyl last week to see where their parents honeymooned 70 years ago.  The lovely photograph below shows newlyweds Kathleen, from Manchester, and Canadian Melvin Lambert on the pier at Rhyl during their honeymoon.  Paratrooper Melvin set up his camera on a post, timed it, and ran back to hold his new wife’s hand! They arrived here on January 31st 1946 and stayed in a “bed and breakfast”.  Donna’s Mum Kathleen, who is now 90, remembers that they only walked a little way onto the pier as it was very rickety and unstable.  Another memory that Kathleen has is of going swimming to an indoor pool “not far from the pier”.  Melvin passed away in 1983 but Kathleen has always kept this favourite photograph close by.

Kathleen and Melvin Lambert on Rhyl Pier 1946

The Lamberts only stayed in Rhyl for a few days as Melvin had to return from leave, and although it was wintertime there was plenty to do in Rhyl whilst they were here.  Films were showing in the Regal, the Odeon, the Plaza and the Queen’s including “A Thousand and One Nights”, “Burma Victory” and “Men in her Diary”.
There was dancing every evening at the Queen’s Ballroom to Tom Arnold and his Orchestra with Al Stevenson – “Britain’s Ace Crooner”.

Melvin and Kathleen probably travelled by train.  In the Rhyl Journal of January 31st 1946 there was an advertisement entitled

If your train is late or crowded

It is probably due to
SHORTAGE OF TRAINED STAFF – nearly 100,000 skilled railwaymen, a sixth of the whole staff, have still to be demobilised.
INFERIOR COAL – like the housewife the railways are obliged to use coal of inferior quality during the national fuel shortage.
SHORTAGE OF CARRIAGES – 3,500 carriages with their 180,00 seats are away every day for repair.
SHORTAGE OF LOCOMOTIVES – over 3,000 locomotives, overworked during six years of war service are awaiting or undergoing repair every day.

GWR     LMS     LNER     SR

Many thanks to Donna and Allen and we send our very best wishes to Kathleen from us all here in Sunny Rhyl.




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