Loving hands.

Walter Price Roberts of Rhyl is buried in the Giavera British Cemetery in northern Italy. The inscription that his mother chose for his headstone reads:

“May some loving hand gently place some flowers for me, his mother”

Walter Price Roberts

Some loving hand did just that.  Diane Gassman, who lives nearby, lays flowers on Walter’s grave and has felt compelled to find out more about Walter.  To read more about this story click here.

Last December the Daily Post published the story in an effort to find Walter’s relatives.  Walter’s nephew, Clive Jones, read the article and was overwhelmed and delighted to have been traced.

The inscription on the grave has not only brought flowers for Walter but, thanks to Diane, also brought his family to him.  Mrs Roberts chose the inscription well.

Clive and his wife Audrey travelled to Italy a couple of weeks ago.  Diane and her family gave them a wonderful welcome and they visited Walter’s grave together.  Thanks to everyone involved in this heart warming story.

Clive has shared some photographs of his visit with us:


Clive and Diane

c jones 9

Clive, with wife Audrey, at Walter’s grave.


Clive and Diane

Clive at Giavera British Cemetery

Clive and Audrey

click on image to enlarge



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5 responses to “Loving hands.

  1. Sandra Williams

    What a lovely story. So pleased relatives were found too

  2. carole little

    very beautiful story

  3. Pat Brooks

    What a touching story.

  4. John Johnson

    L/Sgt 11603 Born Rhyl RWF 1st Battlion

  5. Darryl Porrino

    Hi there,
    Could I please use the photos of Walter & his headstone for my Rhyl book and for a series of books I am writing about the men of the 1st RWF who died during the Great War? I would of course credit both yourselves and his relatives.
    Kind regards,
    Darryl Porrino

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