The Basket Chairs

Whenever Rhyl History Club show a photograph of the basket chairs on the beach we always hear a collective “Aaah”.  This is soon followed by stories, reminiscenses in some cases, of how they were pushed together by courting couples who wanted some privacy, don’t ask.
What isn’t so often commented upon is what a great idea they were for use on our often breezy (windy!) beach.  Positioned correctly they would have provided great shelter from the elements.
Note the bathing huts on the shoreline.  Also, the very formal clothes and that everyone seem to be wearing their hats!

basket chairs copy

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This card was posted in the 1920’s.  It’s uncertain when the chairs first appeared on the beach at Rhyl but the Rhyl Journal of 1910 reported that “the Town Clerk submitted a draft agreement with Messrs Vigers and Wall, for three years, for placing 500 chairs on the beach”



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  1. John

    Rhyl Reflections project is trying to find a basket chair to feature in it’s film about Rhyl between 1940 and 1969. Does anyone know where to find one?

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