“The other side of the tracks”

h point
You will have noticed the distinctive History Points plaques around Rhyl, there are over thirty of them to be found on buildings, walls, gates, windows etc., each one giving an insight into fascinating history.  There are over 1,000 plaques across Wales.  Take a look at the History Points website for more information.

Many of these “Hipoints” have been linked to form self guided tours. There is now a tour in Rhyl, interestingly not the promenade side as one might expect but on “the other side of the tracks”.  Follow the plaques and read about the history of the featured places as you go – using a QR code reader app on your smartphone.

If QR codes are not something you’re comfortable with, then simply take a virtual tour via your computer or tablet by starting here.

Featured locations on the tour include the former Dudley Arms (Cob and Pen), the former Morley Road cemetery, the Cut, Grange Laundry, Belle Vue, Botanical Gardens, Coronation Gardens, Ty’n Rhyl, the Little Theatre and the site of the Deputy PM’s  fracas on Vale Road.


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