The Sandhills

Some of our readers will remember the sandhills alongside the East Parade and Marine Drive.

As long ago as 1893 they were under threat, as letters to the Editor of the Rhyl Journal can reveal.  This is one of the letters from August 15th of that year, and is from Obadiah Ringwood:


Wilt thou insert these few lines.  The woman of the house where I soujourn at the present in Rhyl told me that it is the intention of the local authority to turn the sandhills beyond the hospital into a promenade.  That, I verily believe, would be a pity.  They are pleasant places and I, and possibly many others, prefer srolling and sitting among the hills to the hard, dry and crowded “promenade”.  Please try to persuade thy friends and fellow townsmen to preserve for our use the nice sandhills.
I, and other visiting persons, have hard roads in plenty and crowded streets in abundance to travel through in busy Birmingham and elsewhere, and we come to Rhyl to enjoy its sea and its green “hills” and the repose they afford.  We would regret being obliged to go elsewhere,

Fare ye well,
Obadiah Ringwood”

sandhills ppp copy



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3 responses to “The Sandhills

  1. robertscottrhyl

    I can recall being told that in slightly more recent times than portrayed in your article above, other more salubrious, nay even nefarious, activities and frivolities may well have been attempted and even concluded amongst them there hills in yesteryear, more especially prior to the provision of the new-fangled street illuminations. So I’m told!

  2. Brian Whitmore

    Many happy hours spent playing on the sandhills at the end of Golf Road and Marine Drive back in the 1950’s.

  3. Pat Brooks

    I was told by my mother that many couples were playing hide and seek on the sandhills when she took myself and the rest of the street gang to the beach! But I did wonder why they were hiding in pairs.? The innocence of youth!

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