A Rhyl Tragedy

Readers of this blog may be familiar with this story, but it was unknown to us.  How much history is buried just waiting to be found?
Last week we received an e-mail  from the author of a book called “Clerical Errors”.  One of the chapters describes a tragic tale, which ended in Rhyl in 1892.

clerical errorsAuthor Tom Hughes wrote:
“I write to kindly call your attention to a newly published E-book which contains the tragic story of a Victorian clergyman, who left his wife in Yorkshire and ran off with the vicarage cook to Rhyl in 1892.  The elopers signed the guest register at the Westminster Hotel as man and wife.  For several days , they enjoyed the great Welsh Eisteddfod, being held that year in Rhyl for the first time.  Then, the vicar shot himself in the hotel WC.  Understandably, the “Rhyl Tragedy” was news across Britain.”

For those wishing to read the full story, purchase details can be found here.





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  1. ola66

    If we can find a young version of Brian Rix this could make a good comedy….especially as the cook is described as a ‘buxom woman from Yorkshire’!

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