Time, gentlemen please.

There was no shortage of pubs, taverns, inns, wine merchants, beer retailers, etc in 1883, when Rhyl had a population of approximately 7,000 people.
Rhyl’s population is now around 25,000 but it is doubtful that there is as many pubs today, perhaps you can count up?

According to the British Pub Association, up to 29 British pubs are closing every week.  Closures are blamed on factors such as the high taxes on beer, competition from supermarkets and changing demographics.


An advertisement for The Dudley Arms in 1883. It is now the popular “Cob and Pen”

Slater’s Directory of 1883 lists under Inns and Hotels:

The Alexandra, The Bee, The Belvoir and Pier, The Dinorben Arms, The Dudley, The George, The Mona, The Mostyn Arms, The Queen’s, The Royal, The Westminster and The Wynnstay.

Taverns and Public Houses:

The Albert, The Albion, The Birmingham Arms, The Britannia, The Castle, The Crescent, The Ferry House, The Liverpool Arms, The Lorne, The Manchester Arms, The New Inn, The North Wales, The Northampton, The Snowdon, The Station, The Sun, The Swan, The Victoria, The White Lion, The Windsor.

Retailers of Beer:

Elizabeth Davies, Vale Road.  Peter Edwards, Abbey Street.  Joseph Jones, Vale Road.  Richard Owens, Wellington Road.  Hammond Roberts, Bedford Street.  George White, Wellington Road.  Mary Williams, Mill Bank.

Wine and Spirit Merchants:

John H. Ellis, Water Street.  Foulkes and Co., High Street.  William Hackforth, High Street.  William Jones, Sussex Street. Spinks and Sons, High Street.  Harry A. Steer, High Street.


An advertisement for “The Old George” in 1883. Note the slight difference in name from “The George” we know today.





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