Farewell to the Grange.

We lost our beloved “Grange” many years ago, but last week we lost it completely when it was demolished.  It was a great favourite with many people – it’s very sad to see it go.


Blencathra School



This advertisement is from 1935


grange ed

and this one from the 1950’s.

Please share you memories…



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8 responses to “Farewell to the Grange.

  1. Really Sad. Such a shame. Lots of Fab memories/stories.

  2. I know Blencathra School (The Grange) had fallen onto hard times, but buildings like that are an historical treasure that surely ought to merit preservation.

  3. Mair Diowell

    Very happy memories of The Grange, it should definately been preserved, we are losing so many wonderful buildings – losing our heritage

  4. We always held the Grange in great affection. When we were out, it was place to get back to before 10.25, so that Doris would serve us. I believe that you could get a drink “after hours” as it were. Happy times.

  5. I have so many memories (mostly happy family occasions) associated with the Grange. It’s such a pity that this beautiful building wasn’t preserved long ago 😦

  6. Pat Brooks

    Sad indeed. Most mature Rhylites will have spent happy times there when (courting!! )theres a word you don’t here now, receptions, meals, and a little late drinking I think. Front entrance for the posh ‘do’s’ and side entrance to the back bar for a casual night. A cosy friendly atmosphere. Will have left an impression on many. Will the new hotel which is being built leave such a legacy I wonder.? I must take off these rose tinted spectacles and enjoy the here and now.

  7. lnd.redfern@hotmail.co.uk

    Lots of Happy memories. My brother had his reception here, but divorced now. It is a prime spot for any building. Lets hope it will have some character, its good to see some investment in the town. .

  8. Sandra Williams nee Roose

    Sad ending for a lovely building. Have happy memories of times spent there including our wedding reception 50 years ago this year!!!

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