Rhyl County School Cricket XI, 1941.


Mr. Grattan Endicott OBE has been in touch with us and has kindly shared this wonderful photograph of the Rhyl County School Cricket XI, 1941.  With helpful foresight the names were written on the back of the photograph – so many such photos don’t, and the information is lost forever.

L-R, top row:
H.E. Evans, Tom Ellis, H.L. Looker, Mark Sorsky

L-R, bottom row:
R.A. Pettigrew, M.Hardman, G.Rynn, Glyn Jones (Captain), G.Endicott, T.K.Walker, Sid Lall.

Mr. Endicott writes:

“Gordon Rynn was killed as an RAF pilot in the Far East during the Second World War, as also was a boy named Flynn.  Glyn Jones was the son of Mr. Clwyd Jones, the senior geography teacher.  Mark Sorsky and Richard Pettigrew were pupils who had been transferred from Liverpool and (Pettigrew) from further north in Lancashire by their parents to escape the bombs.”

Mr. Endicott’s son has also featured in these pages in a piece about the Rhyl Grammar School Magazine, 1963 – “Tarian”



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