The diving boards.

This wonderful photograph shows the diving boards at the outdoor swimming baths, note the pier in the background.

click on image to enlarge

To read more about Rhyl’s open air baths click on the links below.

Rhyl Baths

International Swimming Gala at Rhyl




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2 responses to “The diving boards.

  1. First dived from the top (5m) board when I was just 8yrs old, in 1963…! I couldn’t swim more than a few strokes at that time, but my older brother, Bunny, said if I started at the lowest board and worked my way up, one at a time, it would be easy. I trusted and idolised my big bro., so did as he suggested without hesitation or fear… Till I got to the top board. It seemed an awfully long way down, but I gulped hard and in I went. Once I’d done it once, it was easy… All in the mind, I guess

  2. Pat Brooks

    Remember going with the school for swimming lessons and the first question was always “What is the water temperature??” It was always rather on the chilly side and we went in the water gasping for breath. I never did learn to swim to my shame!. My Godmother however was in the Aqua Girls Swimming Display team I think in the late 40s, maybe early 50s. I have some old photographs of the swimming baths which she left to me and I would be happy to forward them to the History Club if it would be of interest.

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