The other trough…

Readers of these pages will remember the various posts about the handsome animal trough which was donated to Rhyl by its first Station Master, Mr Thomas Winston.  It stood for nearly 100 years in Queen Street, and is now at Bodrhyddan Hall.  Click here to read again.

There is still an animal trough in Rhyl, which stands at the top of High Street and was donated by Mrs William Jenkins of Birmingham in 1903.


Mrs Jenkins wanted to make a gift of the trough as she had received much benefit to her health here.  She had made similar gifts to various towns and was particularly interested in the proper treatment of animals.  It was offered on condition it was erected in High Street near the Rowley Conwy fountain, supplied with water and kept in good condition.  The imposing trough, made of polished granite was inscribed in gilt lettering: “Presented by Mrs William Jenkins, Birmingham.  1903”.

DSC_0009In February, 1936 the Rhyl Journal carried an article entitled “Rhyl Landmark Removed” and went on to say:

“The trend of modern traffic conditions – motor car having almost entirely eliminated the horse – brings many changes in its wake.  The latest of these, locally, is the removal of one of Rhyl’s landmarks -the granite water trough on the promenade at the top of High Street.” and “the structure was being taken away as part of a scheme to deal more effectively with the volume of traffic which makes use of this spot in the busy summer months owing to the proximity of the motor park, at the entrance to which the trough stood”

It was reported in the article that a Council Officer stated that the trough would not be entirely done away with, but it would stay in the town yard until a suitable position could be found.

Can anyone remember where else this trough has stood between 1936 and recent times?





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  1. william blackshaw

    was’nt this trough beside the old toilet block that was on the prom
    at the top of the high street

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