Rhyl Cycling Club Masquerade Ball and Carnival

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A cycling club in Rhyl goes back as far as 1879.  The Rhyl Advertiser reported that a meeting of “Bicyclists” was held at 8 pm on Monday, April 28th, of that year at Reynolds’ Assembly Room, where it was decided to form a club to be named “Rhyl XL Bicycle Club”.  The annual subscription was set at five shillings, and the entrance at two shillings and sixpence.  All candidates for membership were to be elected by ballot.  Reynolds Assembly Rooms were located in the building, on the corner of High Street and Brighton Road, that was occupied by the William Roberts’ shop for so many years.

The programme below is dated September 1893 and advertises the Club’s Masquerade Ball and Carnival:

images with kind permission of Rhyl Library, Museum and Arts Centre

The local newspapers were full of all the details of the ball, marvelling at the variety of the costumes worn, and describing the night as “superb” and “grand”.  Almost 50 cyclists took part in the Grand Lantern Procession.  In describing the event a journalist in the Rhyl Journal misquoted Walter Scott by saying:

“One crowded hour of glorious life
– is worth an age of common place existence”

We still love our cycling in Rhyl, click to read about Rhyl Cycling Club, and the Bike Hub, and Marsh Tracks.

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