Rhyl Regatta 1895

The recent article about the Marine Lake produced record “hits”, now here is an interesting little story from the lake in its opening year.

Inside a display cabinet in a home in South Africa sits a trophy won by Nellie Clark at Rhyl Regatta in 1895.  The trophy is still with the family, although the details of the story and the family history were unknown.  Thanks to the powers of the internet, details of Nellie’s win have been found and shared with us at Rhyl History Club by the family.

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photo by kind permission of Ashley Dale


The Rhyl Rowing Club held their first regatta at the Marine Lake, just a few months after its opening, on Saturday September 21st, 1895.  It was beautiful weather and the event was well attended.  On the programme were:

A sailing race for Silver Cup, ladies double sculling (won easily by Mrs Nellie Clark and Miss Edith Allinson), gents double sculling, out-rigged dinghies race for ladies (in which Nellie Clark beat her sister Edith Allinson) –

ash d 2ash d 3a sculling race in open whiffs, 50 yards swimming handicap, half outrigged single race for gentlemen, gents pair-oared race, 100 yards swimming handicap, watermen’s race (double sculls) and canoe race.

The fun of the day was the greasy pole competition.

In the evening the lake was illuminated by the Council with hundreds of fairy lamps.  The Royal Hotel was the venue for the Dinner, at which Mr Abel Jones proposed a toast to The Rhyl Rowing Club.

with many thanks to Ashley Dale

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  1. Reblogged this on Its Been A Long Ride and commented:
    Family history! This little trophy has been in my dad’s cabinet for my entire life, and he has been researching that trophy, among other things, for a while now. It’s amazing to find other people as interested in family ancestry as my father is.

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