Quiz – Winter 2015

quiz new year 2015

quiz new year

New Year – new quiz photos…



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6 responses to “Quiz – Winter 2015

  1. Arthur Hapgood

    Pic 1 Horse trough . Located on prom prior to clock.

  2. Rhyl History Club

    Sorry Arthur, it’s not there.

  3. Pat Brooks

    I think that the top plaque is on the gatepost of the Garden of Remembrance and the second one on the statue in the actual Garden.

  4. Rhyl History Club

    Sorry Pat, no – but keep looking!

  5. Pat Brooks

    A good long walk this morning and I spotted the first plaque! On the lower left hand side column of the archway into the Old Rhyl Cemetary along Dyserth Road. My husband wants petrol money off me for another drive which took us to hitherto unknown parts of Rhyl. !!

  6. Yes you’re right Pat, it’s part of the lich gate at the Church Cemetery on Dyserth Road.

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