BBC World War One At Home at Rhyl Air Show

In Rhyl this weekend, one of only eight of these events in the U.K. Don’t miss it!

Denbighshire Archives

Actor Larry Lamb and The One Show reporter Lucy Siegle will appear at the BBC World War One At Home Tour when it heads to The Rhyl Air Show on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st August from 10am-6pm.


This free family-friendly event will include hands-on activities, performances and interactive sessions designed to appeal to everyone from 8 to 80.

Larry Lamb will host the Briefing Room, on Saturday, with Lucy Siegle taking up the reins on the Sunday. They’ll be presenting a series of enlightening talks with expert contributors covering a whole host of World War One topics.

The event will offer the opportunity to reflect on the dramatic impact the war had on families and communities, as well as helping people to explore their own relatives’ links to the war with Imperial War Museums’ ‘Lives of the First World War’ activity.

Visitors can volunteer to be put…

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2 responses to “BBC World War One At Home at Rhyl Air Show

  1. dorothy jones

    I thought the WW1 venues gave a lot of information and showed a lot of children and adults what it was like, I enjoyed it.

  2. A very informative and enjoyable experience. I particularly enjoyed the WW1 headlines and the interview with Rhys Meirion and Jon Cooksey. Thank you

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