World War One Centenary.

One hundred years ago today, on August 4th, 1914, Britain declared war on Germany.  People in Britain opened their newspapers next morning to find out that war had begun.

Here are some reminders of previous posts on this site about the First World War.

Last November we explained how “Historypoints” had placed a plaque near the gates of the Garden of Remembrance.

The plaque features a QR Code, which, if scanned on a smart phone, reveals information of those named on the War Memorial.  The information can also be accessed via their website.  In addition, there are tributes to four Rhyl men available to read.


historypoints collage copy

As we said in our original post:

“What a wonderful tribute it would be to those named on the War Memorial here in Rhyl if we recorded, understood and shared their stories, and made them easily accessible, so that future generations could remember them in a clearer way than just reading a name.”

The aim is for tributes to go with as many names on the memorial as possible , but this relies on tributes/stories being contributed.


In November 2012 we looked at the history of Toc H, including Rhyl’s local branch.

toc h



The Belgian Refugees were the topic in March 2012.

belgian refugees

Photo shows Belgian Refugees arriving in Rhyl

Rhyl Tourist Information Centre have put together a small exhibition at their office in the Childrens’ Village which is well worth visiting.  They also have a website:

To see the original post on this site:


In January 2012 Mr Rufus Adams, Chairman of Rhyl History Club, wrote a poignant piece about Mr David Edwards.

Mr Edwards survived the war and yet is commemorated on the Memorial Plaque which used to hang in Warren Road Methodist Chapel.

warren rd best



Rhyl is one of only eight places in Britain to host a BBC  flagship event “World War One at Home”, this August 30th/31st, as part of the Air Show weekend.


But the past is just the same-and War’s a bloody game…
Have you forgotten yet?…
Look down, and swear by the slain of the War that you’ll never forget.

Have you forgotten yet?…
Look up, and swear by the green of the spring that you’ll never forget

from “Aftermath” by Siegfried Sassoon


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