The Pavilion by Night

Rhyl’s famous old landmark seems ever present despite its sad demise in 1973.  Old postcards, photographs and history books ensure that its memory remains.


This postcard is a favourite and quite different to most views of the Pavilion.  It is dated 1939 and shows two domed “kiosks” at the front, also gates and turnstiles.  Does anyone know when these features were removed?  Note the commissionaire in the foreground.

The operetta the “Desert Song” is showing – its original Broadway production had taken place on November 30th 1926.  The “Desert Song” was also performed at the Pavilion in April 1955 by the Rhyl and District Amateur Operatic Society, the musical director was T. Arthur Williams, it was produced by William Buckett, the male lead was played by Michael Dennis and the female lead by Mair Hayward



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4 responses to “The Pavilion by Night

  1. Amazing photo. I remember Mike Dennis-he worked with my Dad in Parkinson and Webster (builders).

  2. Robert Scott

    Wow, not seen that photo before. Fantastic. We were a great town and The Pavilion could have told some amazing stories of all the Top Artists in the country who have ‘trod its boards’. Thank You.

  3. ola66

    I had not seen that picture before, thank you, a much better entrance to the Pavillion than the entrance it had in its latter years when it had begun to look very tatty. It was a very special building for Rhyl and was a sad loss. The need of a seaside resort ( a place of magic) to have such an iconic building that gives the town a unique and easily recalled ‘badge’ has not been understood by those who make the decisions.
    Peter Finnigan

  4. Sue Malings

    My dad was born in Rhyl so we used to spend our Summer holidays with his sisters. I used to love going out in the evening to look at the lights along the prom. I remember the Pavaillion with the lights changing colour on the big dome. Aunty Freda took us to the Pavillion to a show and The Cat Lady came into the audience to say hello to us as Aunty Freda knew her.

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