Quiz – April 2014

It’s quiz time again, answers at the end of May – unless of course you get there first.

quiz april

Quiz photo



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4 responses to “Quiz – April 2014

  1. Pat Brooks

    Hi, been on the tour of Rhyl this morning,! I think that the 1928 plaque is above the amusement arcades which were formerly part of The Queens buildings and opposite part of Childrens village. There is more than one of them, do you need the exact one, we could not stop the car without causing a pile up!

  2. Yes well done Pat, it’s part of the Queen’s Hotel – although I took the date to be 1892. Can anyone clear that up?
    Let’s hope the second puzzle lasts a little longer!

  3. Pat Brooks

    I think you are right on that date as I have read an article about the building of The Queens Building and your date coincides with the date when it was built so 1928 is incorrect and I read the numbers in wrong order from the plaque.Sorry!

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