Four lovely postcards of Sunnyvale Camp.  No date is given, perhaps the car could date them?  1930’s perhaps?

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5 responses to “Sunnyvale.

  1. Had a lovely holiday there in 1939. I was an 11 year old. I can still remember the camp song,,,’Come down to Sunnyvale, if you are feeling pale. Leave all your cares and sorrows behind. If joy and laughter are what your after, come down to Sunnyvale.’
    I was in the pool one evening, when all the lights went out. It was the first air-raid rehearsal. It seemed to fill up all of a sudden. I’d no idea what was going on. Well, I was only 11!

  2. Many thanks for the memories/feedback Max – love the camp song!

  3. One other memory of Rhyl…..
    A ‘penny in the slot arcade’ that had just the one word above the entrance….
    It was on the front and spread a long way back, in semi darkness. Lots of animated machines. My favourite being ‘The Hanging’ !!

  4. Dear Mr Jenkins

    What a great story and fantastic recollection by you of the words to the Sunnyvale Camp song. We don’t sing it nowadays (maybe it should make a come back?) but I do have a copy of the words and various other pre-war papers from Sunnyvale that we have kept.

    You would be very welcome to return to see us at Sunnyvale. I remember the outdoor pool too from my childhood but we filled it in about thirty years ago to make way for caravans.

    My favourite childhood memory of the pool was having to empty the pool to search for a glass eye that one of our then workmen had lost in it !

    Best wishes

    Robert Jones
    Rocath (Rhyl) Limited
    Sunnyvale Caravan Park

    • Ivor M. Jenkins

      Thanks for your comments Robert. My other abiding memory was the tinned mandarin orange segments, always served at breakfast !!
      Prior to leaving the camp, the adults signed a book and promised to get in touch again, after the war.
      I’m a bit long in the tooth now for visits to Rhyl – 87 next birthday, but will keep your invite in mind.

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