Talbot’s – once famous on the High Street in Rhyl.  My memories include a shop where Barclay’s Bank is now, one where Detour is now (fashion), and also one diagonally opposite Detour, which sold material.  Please comment below if you have memories of Talbot’s.

This photograph is from 1926, does anyone know when Talbot’s shops started in Rhyl?


thanks to Lynne Maxwell for this photograph

This advertisement is from the 1950’s:




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7 responses to “Talbot’s

  1. Stuart Lewis

    Seen the photo of the Madena restaurant that was the place I worked when I took up catering in the 60s

  2. Sandra Williams nee Roose

    My Mum worked in Talbots in the 70s, in the material department. Great shop

  3. Susan bibby nee Bell

    I used to work in Talbots on the haberdashery counter, the shop was located on the main high street and I worked there around 1968-70. On the ground floor was gloves, scarfs, handkerchiefs, hosiery etc kept in drawers under the counter, further down the shop was curtain and dress material, can’t remember what was on the 2nd floor and on the top floor were the offices and sewing rooms. There was another two shops one on each corner of the traffics lights, one of the shops sold upmarket clothes and the shop was quite modern inside. My immediate boss was a lady called Miss Day and the cashier who had her own little cashier
    box was called Miss Vickers and I worked on the counter with Miss Kay. It was hard work but happy times!

  4. Thanks for sharing your memories Susan.

    • Barbara Clark

      I worked in Talbots as a junior cashier in my own little cash desk, this was placed next to Miss Day’s Department and at the bottom of the stairs. Miss Day was a buyer which was an important role in shops, I think that I started work after I left school at Glyndwr Modern Secondary this would be about 1949/50. Mr Edwards was the boss I think he was the son of the founder, I think he lived on Russell Rd. I used to take his little boy home from the shop sometimes. Yes it was upmarket and good customers could have clothes taken to their homes on approval and returned if they didn’t like the garments. My job every morning was to clean the brass window cills outside and I remember it could be quite hard to remove the residue from dogs wee that turned the brass green. I was Miss Clark.

  5. Great reminiscences Miss Clark! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. Katy Burns

    Hello, Does anyone remember Sherry’s Dress Shop next door to Hulson’s Bakery in Rhyl? Can’t remember the street name it was on but the Army & Navy Store was opposite and the Town Hall (Rhuddlan Borough Council) was close by. Hope anyone can help. Thanks, Katy

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