Royal Welch Fusiliers

The Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum in Caernarfon are starting the mammoth task of looking for photos of individual soldiers from the RWF who were killed in the Great War.

RWF museum

They are going to put each man’s name on display on a screen on the centenary of his death.  They would dearly love to be able to add a photograph of each man to go with his name.

The RWF Museum explains:

“This is a huge undertaking as there were over 10,000 men from the RWF that were killed.  But even if we only get a fraction we believe it is worth doing.  Many of the RWF were from the Rhyl area so we are asking  please could you help?

You can help us by circulating our plea to anybody who is interested.  Many families have photographs tucked away so this might prompt them to seek them out.  We accept scans or copies.  Also old copies of Denbighshire’s and Flintshire’s newspapers often carried obituaries which had photographs.

We need as much information as possible to go with the photo to make sure we fit the right photo to the right man – but sometimes a name might be all we need.”

You can contact the Museum on Facebook,

Twitter or e-mail the museum on


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