“There is nothing new under the sun”

xmas 2

The year is 1904, and on December 17th the Rhyl Journal reports on the mild weather, urges everyone to support local trade and asks people to consider the poor at Christmas-time.

Of the weather it said it is “so wonderfully mild” and “quite out of season”.

Supporting local trade was, as it is today, a topical and concerning issue:

“Well, as we have said on many previous occasions, there is practically no necessity or luxury which the people of this district – Rhyl, Prestatyn, St. Asaph and Abergele – cannot obtain at as reasonable prices as they will get the goods for elsewhere.  Those who prefer to go to the expense of a thirty or forty mile railway journey in order to get some piece of finery at a farthing less per yard than they care to give for at home will of course dispute this statement”.

and of the need to consider those less fortunate:

“Let it not be forgotten that Christmas is not a festive season for all.  Too much distress is stalking the land for universal happiness and contentment to prevail, and the greatest pleasure a person ought to feel, whose lot is cast in the lap of luxury, is to undertake the task of relieving the wants of those who are known to be suffering from the frowns and buffetings of adverse fortune.  If the busy time the attendants at the Rhyl soup kitchen on Tuesday experienced proves anything, it surely proves there is considerable distress locally; and especially at this time we trust that the fund for the relief of the needy in our midst will not be overlooked by those who have enough of this world’s goods and to spare.”

All as relevant today as in 1904.


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