Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

Rhyl Town Hall was to be the subject of this week’s post, but whilst researching within “The Buildings of Wales. Clwyd (Denbighshire and Flintshire)” Edward Hubbard (1986) the following paragraph proved much more entertaining and controversial.  Here it is reproduced, the Town Hall can wait…

“Rhyl, the earliest of the North Wales coast resorts, has developed as an unashamedly popular one, and its zestfulness and the accoutrements of amusement are in obvious contrast to the charm and decorum of Llandudno.  The station platforms are enormous; the promenade extends for nearly two miles, and the town feels very much larger than in fact it is (the population in 1981 was little more than 22,000).  It may also be sensed that there is a hard edge to it, as well as the fun.  Rhyl may never have had its Pinkie Brown, but it is hard to imagine Llandudno figuring as the scene of an alibi in the A6 murder case, or Baron Corvo repairing to it from Holywell in search of youthful male company.

sunny rhyl copy

Not a parochial place, and it was in Rhyl that the firm of Garnett, Cloughley, Blakemore and Associates began as Garnett and Cloughley, before going on to design the psychedelic Chelsea Drug Store in the London of the Swinging Sixties, to establish an international practice, and to become house architects to the R.I.B.A.”

Back handed compliments?  Good old Rhyl!



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4 responses to “Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

  1. Someone has commented that Garnett and Cloughley designed the “house on stilts” on The Boulevard. The article in the book, mentioned in the original post, says also New House on Maes y Don Avenue (sic) and and 150, Rhuddlan Road.

  2. ola66

    Thank you for that info……….I will look them up when i visit a Christmas.

  3. Jan

    The House on stilts was built for Patrick Garnett. his Brother Mike and his wife Joan, were already living in the house on the corner of The Boulevard and South Drive. Mrs Garnett Senior built the triangular house Boulevard / North Drive then built a house next to Mike and Joan in the Boulevard.

  4. Robert (aka Bob)

    It really WAS Good Old Rhyl, quite innovative in many fields, in Yesteryear.

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