Splash Point

This part of the promenade at Splash Point has looked pretty much the same for over 100 years, until this week.

splash pointThe storm of December 2013 will certainly go down in history.

floods 1 copy

click on images to enlarge

floods 23 copy

floods 3 copy

little bits of Rhyl’s history have been unearthed by the storm:

floods bottle

Our thoughts are with all the people who have been affected by the flooding.



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3 responses to “Splash Point

  1. Robert (aka Bob)

    The poor folk in those bungalows, the second time they may well need to replace stuff including Furniture, Decorating, Curtains & Carpets, as well as Floor Joists & Boards, Plaster on the walls inside & out, Garden Walls & Fences, etc etc etc. The probability is that IF they were able to get Insurance,at a price, after last flood, they are now very unlikely to get it again. That’s apart from knocking tens of thousand off their bungalow’s value, IF they can sell, or it certainly won’t add much towards their Inheritance Tax Bill !

  2. dorothy jones

    It is so awful for those poor people who have lost everything. I loved that end of the promenade used to take our children there the sand was so nice.
    I hope that we have some good weather to give the properties time to dry out, I cannot imagine what I would if it had happened to me.

  3. It is such a wicked shame, but the weather has been a powerful force this time around, now comes the time for the families to get their lives back to normality and that takes so much time, it did for us in 1990 in Towyn.

    Let’s hope that the council can rebuild the damaged part of the promenade.

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