In memory of.

Details of thousands of people who died in the wars are now available to the public via their mobile phones at war memorials around Wales, thanks to

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Most war memorials carry only a list of names, but HistoryPoint barcodes, which are displayed besides dozens of memorials, allow you to discover an individual’s rank, regiment, date of death, burial place and more.  Some individuals also have a potted biography and a photograph linked to their name, which have been provided by family or friends.  The information is also available to view on any computer:

Click on the link below to see a tribute to a Rhyl boy who lost his life in the First World War:

One of the key aims is to make it easy for young people to discover how young men and women from their community made the ultimate sacrifice in the First and Second World Wars, and other conflicts.  Rhodri Clark, editor of said “Only a limited amount of information can be displayed on plaques at war memorials but now a tiny barcode on a wall or post nearby reveals the details of who they were and what they did”.

The barcode for the Rhyl War Memorial is situated just outside the entrance (see photo.)

h point 2h point

What a wonderful tribute it would be to those named on the War Memorial here in Rhyl if we recorded, understood and shared their stories, and made them easily accessible, so that future generations could remember them in a clearer way than just reading a name.

Did one of your relatives, or a family friend, die in the First World War or later conflicts?  Do you have a photo of the person and some information about their life in Rhyl?  If so, Rhyl History Club would like to hear from you.  In conjunction with the club is gathering and sharing information about people named on the war memorial in Rhyl.  Anyone would then be able to read the information on their mobile phones by scanning the QR codes at the entrance to the Memorial Garden, or by visiting

Here are three more tributes that have been added to the War Memorial in Rhyl:

If you would like to contribute, or if you require further information, please e-mail


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  1. Hello,
    I am researching the names of Rhyl war memorial with the view to publishing a book. If anyone has information or photos they would be gratefully received.
    Many thanks,

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