This ‘n that.

Some time ago members of the public were invited, by Sustrans, to nominate local people to appear on the “Portrait Bench” which is situated on the Rhyl side of the new walking and cycling “Pont y Ddraig” bridge. See photograph.


The people selected are L.- R. Don Spendlove, Sir John Houghton and Mike Peters.

Don Spendlove and Mike Peters will, I’m sure, need no introduction to our readers.  Sir John Houghton may need more of an introduction and here is the link to learn more about him:

Sustrans is a British charity to promote sustainable transport.  It is working on projects to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport, to give people ways of “travelling in ways that benefit their health and the environment”.  More information about their portrait benches can be seen here:

September quiz solution:

The big house is of course “Ty’n Rhyl”, photographed from the Coronation Gardens.  The plaque is from the Madryn Avenue entrance to the Coronation Gardens:

sept quiz 1sept quiz 2sept quiz 3King George’s Field aka “the coros”.

Re. the quiz, this is now going to a quarterly post instead of monthly.



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5 responses to “This ‘n that.

  1. Robert

    Ty’n Rhyl – Of course it is, but I can’t recall seeing it from that angle.
    Coro’s Field – ashamed to say I must of walked through those gates ‘a few ….. times’ going to school, War.Mem. to collect a Bus, RHS for swim, Ancestry in Botan’s Bowls Pavilion, or just a walk into town, etc etc
    Quarterly Posting – I have to say ‘Thank you’ for all your efforts, VERY much appreciated’, I really will miss my weekly ‘fix’ even though I don’t always make a Comment, but I do go back and read ones left by others, (then ‘kick’ myself when I see the answer).
    Do feel free to add any in between if you get the urge or see a ‘timely’ situation needing posting. I suppose it was time consuming for so few comments but, rest assured you do a ‘grand job’ THANK YOU.

  2. Brooksy

    Why .? That means I will get it wrong just 4 times a year. Ah well.

  3. Brooksy, I can go back to monthly but I presumed the lack of response meant lack of enthusiasm.
    Thank you Robert.

  4. Robert

    I suppose you could try a ‘Like’ button for those who don’t leave an actual Comment to give you more of an idea of the number of Viewers. R

  5. Pat Brooks

    I think its a shame that there was a lack of response but I for one have enjoyed my jaunts around the town to find the places and have managed to get a few! But I think quarterly will still be appreciated by your followers because it must take lots of time and effort to find things each month and not to get the response you deserve must be quite disappointing. I look forward to your next quiz photo whenever it appears. Keep up the good work.

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