Readers’ Enquiries (3)

Mike Ingram has sent us this little puzzler.  Does anyone know what is  fixed to the sea wall?  It can be seen quite clearly at the front of the picture and is three panels wide, a shelter perhaps?  Over to you.  mike ingram enq



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2 responses to “Readers’ Enquiries (3)

  1. Might it not be a stack of deck chairs ?

    • John Davies

      Looking at this “capping” atop of the sea wall , I doubt it was a stack of deck chairs, as it extends as far as the eye can see towards the Pavillion. What has crossed my mind though, is could it have been some kind of shuttering to assist with the building of the sea wall , i`m certain the sea wall along that stretch had a “belly” which bowed out on the seaside of the wall , and is not apparent in the photograph, although I must admit I can`t envisage how the shuttering would have worked, it`s just my own thoughts on the subject , and probably far from correct .

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