Our New Programme and Readers’ Enquiries (2)

We have an interesting programme again for this forthcoming season, starting in September.  See our “Programme” page or click https://rhylhistoryclub.wordpress.com/our-programme-2/

We have had a couple of  enquiries with which readers of this site may be able to help.  The last time the website ran this enquiry page we received lots of interesting new information about Salem Bungalow and Mr Alfred Dickinson.

The first enquiry is from Les Waters:

 “I am writing to enquire if, through your society, I might be able to contact anyone locally who is familiar with Brookes Brothers Rhyl and its operations at any point from 1972 to date.

 The reason I would like to make contact is to try to find out anything concerning the history of a rare heavy-duty one-ton Land Rover which we are restoring which once belonged to the firm. The vehicle was green when it left the Land Rover factory in 1972 to go to Brookes Brothers. At some point it was re-painted white with an orange stripe, equipped with a crane, winch and flashing roof lights and was used as a recovery or break-down truck. It has never been registered on the road and so has never had a registration number. We believe it was used on a garage’s trade plates, possibly by Brookes Brothers themselves. Later in its life the vehicle lost its crane and was used to tow a roller on a farm in Sussex.

 I have had one helpful local report saying, “I can vaguely remember seeing a Land Rover under the canopy at Brookes’ garage on Rhyl prom, I think it was painted white. Brookes were British-Leyland dealers at that time.” We are lovingly restoring the Land Rover to last for another 40 years and would be delighted to find out anything we can about the use of the vehicle in its earlier life. Any assistance would be much appreciated. My contact details are: Les Waters law34@cam.ac.uk

 Our second enquiry comes from Alan Riches:

I am researching the life of Frank Byrne who was born in Rhyl in 1894 and lived with his family at 14 Windsor Street.  On the outbreak of war in 1914 Frank enlisted in the Manchester Regiment and was killed in action on 1 July 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme. (His younger brother Hugh Byrne fought with the Welsh Regiment and was killed in action in 1918). 


I was wondering whether you might have any information about Frank Byrne and his family.  I would be particularly interested in obtaining a picture of Frank – perhaps the local newspaper carried an obituary/ photo of him shortly after his death? “.

If anyone has any information for either Les or Alan, Les has included an e-mail address or leave a message under “Leave a comment” or alternatively e-mail rhylhistoryclub@gmail.com and we will forward the information.




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  1. I worked for D.T. Jones, Russel Rd, who at the time did household wiring & sold lamp shades etc, my first job on leaving Glyndwr school, in 1953, I was off sider to Billy Amos who I believe still lives in Grange Rd, I am Albert Nicholls now living in Western Australia [ migrated 1970]

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