Rhyl Grammar School Magazine 1963

The  “Tarian” or “Shield”, Rhyl Grammar School’s magazine, from 50 years ago is full of news, articles, photographs, reviews, poetry, sports results, advertisements etc etc.

The editorial describes 1963 as a milestone in the world’s history “moving from the brink of disaster in Cuba to a rebirth of understanding which can be seen in a relaxing of passion in the cold war”.  The editorial committee also noted that they had been inundated with articles about “some new Liverpool group”.  Indeed, the sensation that was The Beatles seems to crop up on almost every page.

mag committee 1963

With remarkable prescience the Headmaster’s message (Mr A. R. Davies) begins with:  “A generation hence those of you now at School will be asked by your own children, “Do you remember President Kennedy being murdered?”  Stop now, and think what you will tell them, what you will remember”.

tarian 1963

Clubs and societies included the Camera Club, Christian Union, Music Society, Thirty Four Club, Chess Club, New Society, Theatre Club and Sailing Club.

The Chess Club had “66 regular players”.

The Camera Club: “As always, Mr Worthy is our inspiration.”

The 34 Club noted that “one of the most popular meetings was that in which members of the staff participated.  This took the form of a Juke Box Jury, which included music for both “squares” and “mods”. ”

The New Society lists one of its debates as “This house would welcome a prolongation of  Tory rule.”

Performances by the Theatre Club included “Luther”, “King Lear”, “Troilus and Cressida”, “The Amorous Prawn” and “The School for Scandal”.

Yr Urdd report begins with ” Now that there are no Welsh speakers left in Rhyl Grammar School, as all Welsh speaking people have been drafted to Ysgol Glan Clwyd”…

There was a feature called “Form Notes”, a favourite being from 1H: “our classroom has a happy atmosphere, due mainly to our understanding Form Master Mr. Ben Hughes”

tarian advert 1963 Sport was obviously not the school’s forte.  Cricket: “Season 1963 for the School proved a very mixed one”, Football: “badly upset by injury problems”, Badminton: “has a small but enthusiastic following”, Tennis: “only two players left from last year’s team”, Netball: “still a new sport in this school”, Girl’s Hockey: “this season has started off badly, but it is to be hoped that individuals will learn to combine as a team”, Boy’s Hockey: “though not exactly defeating all who came, we console ourselves with the fact that we do not lose badly”.  The exceptions were Junior Football: “undefeated after playing 9 games” and Cross Country: “the school team was highly successful, being beaten only once, by H.M.S Conway.”

tarian c c 1963tarian hockey 1963

tarian advert 2 1963 click on images to enlarge


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