Rhyl Baths

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2 responses to “Rhyl Baths

  1. Robert

    Oh yes very fond memories – weekly school lessons including life saving, managed to get my Award of Merit. Diving to the bottom to retrieve the ‘body’ was not easy in the salt water. The Hot Bovril after at the Baths Cafe kept us going in the colder weather. There was individual changing cubicles with baskets to put your clothes on which were exchanged for a rubber wrist band by the cloakroom attendant who guarded them.
    I did Summer Season working on the ‘Limes’, spotlights on the dome of the old Pavilion for Prince Cox’s Circus to attract the visitors in the evenings or wet days, whilst his Water Phantasy with the Aqua Follies got the visitors in during afternoons on sunny days.
    The weekly Miss Sunny Rhyl Competitions were a great draw as were the Diving Shows with some fantastic high diving stunts on possibly the tallest Diving Boards, in Wales at least. The sunbathing area at the East end by the fountain was always popular for the non swimmers or just to dry-off and top-up the tan.
    For several years there was a campaign to erect a sliding cover for wet days and winter use, but after it closed it was used a store for some time and eventually pulled down instead, Shame. Ah well.

  2. Pat Brooks

    Brought back the memories of going to the baths with the school for swimming lessons and the first thing to do was look at the temperature of the water on a board. Did it ever go over 58 degrees? Slippy floors in the changing rooms and watching some ladies put on an aqua display. Sunbathing on damp towels at the fountain end where there was quite a sun trap. There was sunshine more often then or have I imagined that!,I still loved going there and watching those Miss Rhyl parades and the diving displays which you mention. I am ashamed to say though that I still cannot swim.

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