Sir Robert Jones, part 3.

There are two plaques in Rhyl Library to celebrate the brilliance of Rhyl’s most eminent son (thanks to the Lions Club of Rhyl and Prestatyn.)  The plaques are upstairs on the wall behind the microfilm viewer and adjacent to the local history books, and are shown in our first post “Sir Robert Jones, part 1”.

It is the opinion of this humble blogger that there should be a statue in the High Street, a road called Sir Robert Jones Street, a “blue plaque” and/or similar tributes to keep him the consciousness of the people of Rhyl and beyond.  The original intention of this small series of posts was to tell his life story, based on the wonderful book “The Life of Sir Robert Jones” by Frederick Watson (Hodder & Stoughton, MCMXXXIV).  However,  justice cannot be done to either the book or the great man by this little blog, so if you interested in his life story I strongly recommend searching for the book online in secondhand book sites.

sir robert

To conclude, here are a few more quotes about Sir Robert:

“Here let me find illustration and inspiration by thinking of a great citizen of Liverpool who was recently laid to rest in this Cathedral – Robert Jones.  Scientific thinker, inventive craftsman, teacher, leader of men, he gave himself and through his disciples great service to mankind.  For him the thread of life was ‘strung with the beads of thought and love’ “. (The Right Honourable Lord Dawson of Penn, P.C., G.C.V.O., President of the Royal College of Physicians, in Liverpool Cathedral.  February 5th, 1933)

“This bronze has been fixed in a place in our hospital which we all pass, going to and from our daily work, in order that we shall be reminded of an ideal of kindness of heart and of love to our fellow men” (Plaque to Robert Jones unveiled in Leiden, Holland, by Dr. Murk Jansen, May 21st, 1931)

“The shining lustre of his name is an abiding glory of British Surgery: but it is the man himself whom his fellow countrymen will wish to hold in remembrance”.  (From a leading article in “The Times”, October 14th, 1933.)


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