Newspaper snippets to make you smile…

This first snippet is from The Guardian, August 30th 1966:

Too many cooks raise Rhyl’s wrath.

“The trouble with visitors to Rhyl is brewing.  They are inclined to brew tea and picnic in unexpected places – on the pavement, in a promenade kiosk, or between their own car and another in the street.  While such cases may be isolated, officials of the Rhyl and District Hotel and Holiday Catering Association are concerned that something should be done to stop indiscriminate picnicking in streets.

Mr Dixon, the Association’s secretary, is to ask the urban council and the police if traffic wardens could be asked to watch for offenders.  Mr Dixon found one party in his own street – Bath Street – cutting sandwiches and with their ‘Primus’ on the footpath ready to boil water.  He says that there have been complaints that motorists have brought folding chairs to sit between parked cars in streets and occasionally on footpaths.  Mr A. Brookes, the chairman, claims to have heard of cases where people have brewed up on footpaths.

Mr A. Lawton, president of the Rhyl Hotel and Guest House Association says that in quiet seasons he has seen picnickers in promenade shelters “complete with table, cruet, and ‘Primus’ doing it in grand style”.  Members have reported seeing people frying bacon in cul-de-sacs.”

The second one is from The Manchester Guardian, July 14th, 1932.

Rhyl’s Plague of Frogs.

“Rhyl has been visited by a plague of frogs, after the heavy thunderstorm.  Residents in the neighbourhood of the Botanical Gardens were surprised yesterday morning to see a ‘procession’ of thousands of frogs moving in the direction of the Rhyl Cut, a stream to the east of the town”


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  1. John Cross

    Great i have a 1963 “Whats on in Rhyl” featuring The Beatles !!!!! at The Ritz Ballroom.I have kept it all these years.

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