February 14th

For the romantics amongst you:

This card is dated May 1912 and says rather unromantically “Having a real good time in spite of rotten weather”

romanc e1

This card is dated October 15th 1910 and is from “Glen Eden”

romance 2

The next card is my favourite, dated June 29th 1914,  just before the world changed forever.  It says “Longing for you”.  Bonus points for anyone who can decipher the next line.  The stamp is on upside down which apparently some Welsh people do as a mark of disrespect to the monarch, so I’m wondering if it is in Welsh.

romance 3




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6 responses to “February 14th

  1. Well the second word looks likes pwy-who, but can’t make out the first !

  2. Thanks…………lovely set of cards, ‘Rhyl celebrated for the charm of its’ inhabitants’…………as today.

  3. Bob

    Surely the first 3 letters are ‘I am’ the same as in the first line? But the next letters have got me, But they are not Welsh.

  4. Mmmm, would agree with the “I am”, but no idea after that – it’s been puzzling me for years.

  5. jonesthephones

    Can’t be absolutely sure, but the bottom line appears to start “I am” after which there’s a vertical line, which seems to separate the “I am” from the following word, making the whole thing possibly “I am waeth pwy” which could translate something like “I am regardless of who” or “I am whoeover” it.may be in effect anonymous i.e. the sender is saying something like “Guess who?”

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