Gas Mark 2

The post on the “Gas School” has been very well received, many people obviously have great affection for the school.

Keith and Merle Hackney have very kindly sent this photograph for us all to enjoy. (Click on image to enlarge)




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4 responses to “Gas Mark 2

  1. This post is a continuation of The “Gas School” post.

  2. Pat

    Lovely photograph and interesting to see Mr Frank Port as the Headmaster, as I went to Clwyd Street VP School some years later and he was the Headmaster there, as can be seen from some early photographs which have been posted some time earlier. I wonder if any of the people on that photograph moved to Clwyd Street later on as some of the names are familiar?.

  3. Sandra

    I too went to Clwyd Street School and remember Mr Port with great affection. I have never forgotten one rhyme he taught us was “Mr Port said that Port was exported from Portugal” !!

  4. John Davies

    I joined Rhyl History Club hoping to learn a bit more about Rhyl in it`s early days, and obviously to see photo`s of , and references to events from my childhood, and just general interest. To my astonishment in the very first photo that I received in an email from the site, was a photo of my late aunt , Valerie Davies , second from right in the back row, she lived at 10 Bridge Street along with her three elder brothers `Tommy` the eldest `Ivor ` (my dad) and `Derek `the youngest who is still with us , living now near the fire station.
    Does anyone remember Val , as she was known? or any of her brothers?

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