Rhyl County School Magazine, 1938.

Here is another contribution to the website from Maggi Blythin:

Below are pages from the Rhyl County School Magazine,1938.   A school was first established at Gorphwysfa, on the corner of River Street and Wellington Road (now the Naval Club).  This opened in 1896 with 58 pupils and was known as Rhyl and District Intermediate School.
The school moved to Grange Road in 1901.  It became Rhyl County School, Rhyl Grammar School and lastly Rhyl High School.
These are some of the adverts in the magazine. (click photo to enlarge).


Rhydwen Jones and Davies were a well established firm who continued trading into the 1970s.


Wadsworth was on the corner of Water Street and Crescent Road-a beautiful building still there today.
Dowell’s is now Walkers Store (next to the Liverpool Arms).  I remember it as Dowell’s up to the 1980s, but it was run by a Mr Hargreaves.
Percy Thomas’ shop is still there.  A long established business – I had my ears pierced there in 1968 !
J H Parry-known universally as Parry’s Corner !  Chemists is still there.

Grange Laundry now a ‘One Stop’.  It opened in 1905 and continued as a laundry until the late 1970s. Hampson and James – interestingly in the London Gazette of August 1948 there is a notice that the partnership has been dissolved.  I‘m sure the shops (there was also one one the corner of Vaughan Street and Bedford Street) continued to be known as Hampson and James, but perhaps I’m wrong. McCartney and Samples – unknown to me, but would appear to be Jessie McCartney and William Samples.  William was a baker and confectioner from Liverpool and he and Jessie married in 1917 and settled in Rhyl.
Kerfoot Hughes and Jones was demolished to make way for Tesco in the early 70s, and Argos occupies the site today.


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