Toast Racks

This photograph (click to enlarge), from circa 1930, shows the “Toast Rack” buses that will be fondly remembered by many Rhyl residents.  In the photo the buses are covered, although the earlier ones were open topped.  They ran until just before or just after the Second World War.  These buses operated along the promenade and also, as advertised, to the Botanical Gardens.  The Conway Memorial Fountain can be seen, also the War Memorial, the Amphitheatre, and the Baths.  There is a putting green to the left of the photo, and also Punch and Judy.   On the right of the picture there is an animal water trough, presumably it is  the one that now stands on the promenade at the top of the High Street



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2 responses to “Toast Racks

  1. Robert aka Bob

    And The Pier!

  2. Mike Ingram

    Does anyone know when & why the Conway Memorial Fountain was removed ?

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