St. Thomas’ Church Choir, Coronation Day, June 22nd 1911.

King George V was crowned on Thursday, June 22nd, 1911.  In Rhyl, the morning saw dark and threatening clouds and a strong wind was blowing.  At 10.30 a.m a procession of members of the Council, friendly societies and forces etc. formed up in front of the Town Hall and, headed by the town band, proceeded to St. Thomas’ Church where a commemoration service was held.

The following are extracts from the Rhyl Record and Advertiser:

“Rhyl, as a municipality, is an entirely Victorian creation.  Queen Victoria had been some years on the throne before Rhyl obtained its first Act of Local Government.  Therefore the regal ceremony performed on Thursday was but the second coronation celebrated in Rhyl as a town.  The first, of course, was that of the lamented King Edward, father of the reigning monarch, nine years ago.”

“Joyous peals were rung on St. Thomas’ bells at intervals during the day.” and “Fitting and divine services were held in the Church and Chapel.

The above photograph (click to enlarge) is of the Choir at St. Thomas’ Church, obviously taken to commemorate the day.  Over 100 years old, it looks almost contemporary and the quality belies its age.

The Rhyl Record and Advertiser goes on to describe the service:

“The Vicar and assistant curates officiated and the special service consisted of 122 Psalm, a special exhortation on behalf of the King, the Church and people, the litany, a homily, the Te Deum, prayers and the Benediction.  Special hymns were beautifully rendered in the course of the service.”

There were also services at Christ Church, Clwyd Street C.M. Chapel, and St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church.  A Welsh service was held at Holy Trinity.

In the afternoon there was another procession which included public bodies, school children etc., after which the children were treated to tea.   There were also illuminations, decorations, sports on the promenade, sandhole competitions and at 10.30 p.m a bonfire was lit on the sandhills.


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