Recent history – the changing face of Rhyl (2)

Here are some more photographs from Rhyl’s recent past, mainly the 1980’s. (Click on photo to enlarge)



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6 responses to “Recent history – the changing face of Rhyl (2)

  1. Brilliant !! What was next to Forte’s ?

  2. george turpin

    H O Davies shop. Garth Davies, well named as he was a big man, ran an old fashiioned hardware shop where you could by 2 screws and not the obligatory packetful if you only wanted 2. However long he had held his stock you still payed the original price, not a hiked up one. Always reafy to give good advice and was alway so helpful.

  3. Gareth Brooks

    Magg’s . Was it Stantons the bakers next to Forte’s. There used to be a huge restaurant up-stairs in Forte’s called “the Medina” restaurant that employed a proper set of Chef’s. I know this to be a fact as 2 of them were my brothers along with the head chef that i served under years later when doing my apprenticeship in Llandudno. I also remember having my hair cut/styled downstairs in the old Manweb shop, on a Thursday night by John —-, i cant remember his surname, and having to queue out the door into the street. As Mr Turpin has said, Garth Davies was a big man and a gent with a good sense of humour. You could buy 2 screws and have them wrapped.

  4. carole little

    Was that the same hairdresser, that percy took Clive to and locked the
    door so Clive didnt bolt?

  5. Mike Demack

    Peacock Chinese restaurant – first in Rhyl? The Pudding Pie chip shop in Rhuddlan is run by the original proprietor’s son George .
    The Medina restaurant was on the first floor , my wife’s 21st was held there
    – a bit of juggling around since they could not remain open after midnight on the Saturday night – local bye laws.
    Where has the Old Rhyl disappeared to?

    Mike Demack

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