November quiz photo.

There has only been one photograph that wasn’t identified in the quiz, that was in September and the photograph was part of the old Plaza Building.  The score now must be something like Rhyl History Club 1 – you lot out there 55.  Anyway, here is this month’s offering – not too much hope of our score improving!



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4 responses to “November quiz photo.

  1. Is the top one on the building on the opposite corner to the HSBC? I’m rubbish at these !

  2. Pat

    I agree with Maggi with the first face being one of a few on the corner building into Bodfor Street (was Britannia Building Society once I believe) and the second one of the black plaque is I believe one of three or four above Liffy’s cafe and the Balloon shop in Russell Road

  3. Correct! Ah well, it did last for a couple days, well done.

  4. Natalia McKenzie

    Who are these faces on Rhyl buildings? Natalia

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