The new walking and cycling bridge at the Foryd

There is great work going on at the moment at the Foryd and although this is obviously to do with the future of Rhyl and not its history, read on.

There is a book at the Visitor Centre at the Foryd (near to Sunnyvale Camp) and also at Rhyl Library where people can nominate local people to be remembered in weathered steel as part of an art project.  Here is the information as written on the book:

“The Sustrans/Big Lottery funded new walking and cycling network will also feature its very own portrait bench as part of an exciting new collection of public art.  Featuring local heroes, nominated by the community, each bench will have three life size portraits cut from weathered steel and installed behind a simple bench.

Choose a portrait for Rhyl’s bench.  This is your chance to get involved with a national art program and choose the local characters that you would like to see sitting on the bench next to you.  They should have significance in your area, perhaps a local hero, or someone who was born here and has gone on to do great things.  They can even be someone in your family who you think has done something special for you or your town.”

There are plenty of people in Rhyl’s history that deserve a place on the bench and this is your chance to nominate your favourite.

Finally a couple of photographs to show how work is progressing.


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