September Quiz

Two for the price of one this month, which probably means it will be solved twice as quickly.

The History Club begins this Monday, September 10th, at our new venue  –  Rhyl Community Fire Station.  Our speaker on Monday is Mr Roy Turner, “My Life, My Town”.  For venue details and programme details, see our “About us” page and our “Programme” page.  All are welcome.



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5 responses to “September Quiz

  1. Pat

    Having spent a fortune on petrol, and shoe leather and looking up and down the length and breadth of Rhyl I have to throw in the towel on this one! Congratulations – you win. One thing I have found out is that there is a whole lot of Rhyl and roundabout that I thought I knew and obviously do not. Now off to rest my weary neck from looking up at roof tops and high buildings. Its been fun though and I cannot wait to see the answer.

  2. Well, there are still a couple of days to go so it may go yet! Sorry about the petrol and your neck Pat but I will let slip that both photographs were taken in town. Solution on Sunday.

  3. Pat

    To-day I think I have located the top picture of the roof chimney type thing. I believe it is in Queen Street above the old grey church building which now houses a Gold and Pawn shop. It is above the side entrance. Please let it be right – my husband nearly crashed the car when I shouted out – I think I have found it!!!! A eureka moment. As to the ugly face – well that was the driver behind us! The only ugly face I could see on our travels was above the shop on the corner of Water STreet and Crescent Road which used to be The Welsh Shop. I don’t think it is the same face you portray in your picture. Ah well – done my best.

    • Well done Pat, you’ve got one of them. The roof is that of the old chapel in Queen Street (now a gold and pawn shop). It was almost impossible to photograph it from Queen Street so this shot was taken in Sussex Street near St. Kentigern Hospice Charity Shop. The not cropped photographs will be shown tomorrow.

  4. Pat

    So glad – look forward to seeing the answer to the other picture and next month’s trial!!Keeps me off the streets -actually it doesn’t! in this case.

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