Clwyd Street School 1955

Another gem from Graham Evans.  This is a Clwyd Street School class photograph from 1955, possibly of Std. 5.  We look forward to more information via your “comments”.  Click on the photo to enlarge.



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4 responses to “Clwyd Street School 1955

  1. Sandra Williams nee roose

    I also attended this school. As far as i can remember the teachers were mr port, headmaster, miss o’ sullivan teacher. Back row,left to right is myra hodgekinson,? ? Harry taylor, edward williams, pat jones. 2nd row, jennifer jones, pamela shaw, . ? ? Elizabeth mc killop, pat jones ? ? ? ?
    Next row, graham evans ? Sandra boxley, margaret williams ? Pam roberts and lindsay rutherford, front row- ? ?edward jones, kenneth jones, ! Ellis, ? I am not on this photo was it was possibly taken when i was in hospital with scarlet fever! Not a bad memory for an oldie!!

  2. Hi Sandra I was so trilled to see this photo I knew some of the names I was looking for you on it but now know why you were not.By the way Pam Appleby (here )nee Shaw happy happy days xx

  3. Angela Lancaster

    I remember clwyd street school well i was a pupil in 1963 i really loved it.i remember mr guningham and the headmaster mr grifthis.

  4. Paul Salisbury

    I went to Clywd street school around 69-70. Would anybody have photos of that period.

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